Ethnicity or race has long been a source of contention. Our visible differences have served to maintain the social divide. Ethnic/racial profiling is in dozens of countries around the world. It is perpetrated and supported by ordinary citizens, legislators, and police. As a result, this scourge on our fragile social structure continues to thrive. Imagine driving to the grocery store only to get pulled over for a search because you look suspicious. How about walking down the street and having the police stop you for no reason? The real reason is being a racial minority.

Ethnic/racial profiling is an unequal treatment based on race, ethnicity, nationality, language, and religion. Ignorance and unspoken biases are their driving force. Being different has been categorized as being criminal. Some of the challenges are additional identity checks, wrongful arrests, harsh sentences, and brutality.

It has become a daily struggle for most immigrants, minority groups, and foreigners, or people of color. Controle Alt Delete is an independent organization dedicated to assisting in the fight against this social problem.

Recently, cases involving ethnic/racial profiling have taken center stage in the media. There are class action lawsuits in several European countries. Lingurar vs. Romania, Timishev vs. Russia, Seyid and others vs. France, Zeshan Muhammed vs. Spain, and Mpanzu Bamenga vs. Dutch State are some of the cases. The use of risk profiles by law enforcement was at the core of these cases. Controle Alt Delete defines a risk profile as “a profile of a person (or group) who may be likely to commit crimes.”

Ethnic/racial profiling has gradually harmed the relationship between law enforcement and the general public. In minority communities, paranoia, distrust, and hostility have become the norm. As a result, there is now a ‘us’ versus ‘them’ scenario. It is crucial that law enforcement officers always judge people by their individual behavior and never by which group they belong, said Controle Alt Delete.

Non-profit organizations have stepped up to help victims of ethnic/racial profiling. Several initiatives and schemes are in place to assist victims. Law enforcement has been lobbied to institute policies against overrepresentation in crime statistics by Controle Alt Delete. Moreover, it has also pushed lawmakers to disregard ethnicity to fight fraud. Not to mention, it has called for the monitoring and tracking of police brutality cases. These are just a few of the first steps in combating ethnic/racial profiling. More plans and projects are still in the works.

Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the International Organization for Migration, and Global Human Rights Defence are just a few organizations actively fighting ethnic/racial profiling. Grassroots movements have also joined in the fight. Support at both the local and international levels has increased. As a result, there is consistent public awareness and media visibility on ethnic/racial profiling.

Ethnic/racial profiling didn’t start or end with the ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign. It was the big push the world needed to recognize the seriousness of ethnic/racial profiling. The fight for justice and equality goes on through legal motions for policy changes and class-action lawsuits globally. Human rights organizations continue to make sure the pressure for change doesn’t die down. It is not just a fight for minority groups, immigrants, and foreigners. But, it is a fight for us all to preserve our humanity.

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